Making Sure Your Toll Free Number Stays Up 100% of the Time

Making Sure Your Toll Free Number Stays Up 100% of the Time

by Rana Dutt – CEO @ Softimum

I got a call a few weeks ago from my friend Casey, who operates a huge call center.  Actually, he prefers to call it a “Contact Center”.  Casey was not having a good day. A construction accident had disconnected his toll free number, and his business had been down almost the whole day while his phone carrier repaired the line. Having gotten a earful from upset customers, he asked me if there was a way to make toll free service more reliable.

This scenario happens more often than we’d like when the number is provided by a single, large carrier. But there is a solution. A few VoIP service providers are now providing toll free numbers that can automatically switch to an alternate carrier when they detect that the primary one is down. Your business will never know there was a problem. We call these High Availability Toll Free numbers.

If your number is routed to your PBX, you also need to guard against your PBX going down. Make sure you can provision an alternate number (like a cell phone number) that calls can be forwarded to when this happens.

To find out how you can convert your toll free number to a High Availability one, or to get a new HA number, give us a call at 888-222-0383 or fill out the Contact Us form.  Here’s to 100% up time.

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